About me

Patricia Jean Browne

Patricia Jean Browne

Patricia Jean Browne grew up in St. Louis and environs, a Midwesterner by birth, education and longtime residency. She graduated from Immaculate Conception Grade School, Union High, and the University of Chicago, and earned an M.S. in Child Development at Purdue University. Her jobs during her meandering life path included packing pushrods on the assembly line in a valve factory, teaching preschool at Head Start and selling insurance. Browne’s final post was trust officer in a national bank in the fertile cornfields of Indiana.

Along the way, she bore and raised three children, now in their 50s and 60s, and performed the daughter/wife/mother/grandmother role prescribed in her world from the 1930s through the early 21st century. Browne left a 48 year marriage to move to the middle of Mexico, where she lives with her pet turtle, the latest of a long line that started with a box turtle in the basement of her parent’s St. Louis flat.

Until now, her writing has been for Writers’ Group chapbooks, bank annual reports, flyers about investing in gold or Keogh retirement plans, publicity for Jewish community events and San Miguel PEN lectures, and newsletters for her nine grandchildren’s birthdays.

5 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Judy Holden said:

    I am so glad that I have learned so much more about you that I did not know. What a variety of experiences and talents. I am very impressed.
    Judy Holden


  2. Angelica Aquino said:

    Pat, thank you for sharing your smile and kindness with the world. You are a role model. Love. Angelica


  3. Susan Hicks said:

    Hi Patricia,
    I lived in SMA for 5 years and left 10 years ago. I’m back in northern CA again. I noticed that the name “Hirschi” appeared as your last name and I was intrigued because my paternal grandmother was born a Hirschi and her parents came from Switzerland and settled in Utah. I wonder if we have any common ancestors?
    I enjoyed reading your blog post and look forward to more.
    Sue Hicks


  4. Susan Hicks said:

    Oh, jeez, Patricia, I put on my glasses and saw that the last name of your is Hirschl NOT Hirschi. My comments in a previous reply to you about possible common ancestors are most likely irrelevant! Sorry about that but I still enjoyed your post.
    Sue Hicks


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